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Join us in the Cocos Islands for a week of world class fly fishing


This trip will be taking place in the amazing Cocos Keeling Islands, an Indian Ocean atoll that boasts some of the finest flats fishing on the globe. Situated a short flight from Perth, Western Australia, it makes for an accessible and comfortable trip. 

The Fishing:

On the Cocos Islands we will experience world class species; bonefish, GT, trigger fish, blochi permit, bump-head parrotfish, bluefin trevally, and much more. The diversity and abundance of species is what makes Cocos so special to the region and due to the remote nature and limited plane access, there is very little fishing pressure here, allowing a healthy population of fish in the area. Finding fish is never an issue.

With easy access to vast expanses of flats systems, you will be wading in crystal clear waters bordered by white sand beaches and coconut trees, a true paradise destination.

Each day we will be venturing to different areas with our guests goals in mind, whether you are wanting to tick off that big bonefish or permit, we will be focussing our attention and knowledge of the area toward your goals for the trip.

This trip includes 2 days fully guided with local braintrust Chasing Island Tails. The guests will alternate so that only 2 people will be on the boat guided with the locals at a time, and they will discuss with you your goals for the trip and accomodate to your areas and species of interest. 


February 18th - 25th 2025

March 21st - 28th 2025

meaning that we will have roughly 6 days on the water, weather permitting. As we leave, order a pizza from Tony's Pizza Bar on your way through the airport, grab it warm and fresh as you board, and enjoy it on your flight home, leaving the island life in a comfortable fashion. 


We have booked the Castle lodge on West Island, a well equipped beach style house with a spacious deck and lounge room to relax. The lodge is a short 50m stroll from ocean, right out the front door you have access to outer reef flats and surf lines that hold big bonefish, GT, bump-head parrotfish and trevally.


The trip is all inclusive of flights, accommodation, car hire and fuel, and 2 days fully guided with Chasing Island Tails. The only exception is food. We have made this decision as it is logistically and economically much easier for each client to take their own food. The islands are part of WA territories, so food can be taken over on the plane in a concealed Eski, or you can buy dinner and snacks from the general store and island buffet. However, on your guided days, lunch will be provided.

The cost is $3,999AUD, a 50% deposit is required to secure a position on the trip, with the remaining 50% due 2 weeks before departure. 

Gear Required:

For this destination, we would always recommend bringing a few different weight fly setups. Due to the vast range of species and fishing conditions that you will encounter, coming prepared is essential to having optimal success here.

An 8-9 weight outfit is optimal for most of the day to day fishing, with the focus towards species like Bonefish, Permit and Triggers, an 8 or 9 will give you the best blend of finesse and stopping power. The terrain can be gnarly especially on the outer oceanic sides of the atoll so we wouldn't recommend going any lighter than these as you will need to stop fish efficiently and cast into wind at times.

Other species such as, GT and Maori Wrasse require some heavier gear. An 11 or 12 weight outfit would be optimal for these guys. You will require a reel with a very solid and reliable drag system as these fish can grow huge here and are unforgiving on the shorter oceanic flats. Stopping them before they get to bombies and drop offs isn't easy, so come prepared with the right gear or you will get your heart broken!

Floating lines and short sink tip lines will be the preference here, we will be fishing for the most part in knee deep or shallower water. especially inside the lagoon where we will experience bonefish in ankle deep water at times. It is still recommended to bring at least one intermediate or sinking line for your heavier setup though, incase we go looking for GT from the boat. 

Flies for the most part will be fairly simple, try to keep most of your Bonefish, Permit, Trigger and smaller species flies around the #2 size. It is more important to tie in an array of weights, our preference being small-medium tungsten or lead eyes. The depth of water will vary so having different weights will allow you to adjust and make sure that your fly is on the bottom and in contact. Spawning shrimp, Sili-leg gotcha's, Flexo crabs, Clousers or your favourite flats pattern will cover you for most scenarios. Try to keep your flies light in colour, tan, white and olive works great. You can also bring some milk fish flies if you would like to have a crack at them too, there is no shortage of Milkfish in Cocos. 

For the larger species, Brush flies, Deceivers, Clousers and NYAP's are a great way to go. Tying on 3/0-6/0 hooks is optimal for strength and size.

Leaders for the smaller species should be kept around the 16-20lb strength. Encountering sharks on Cocos is common and a heavier leader can often be the difference between loosing a good bonefish or getting it in nice and fresh for a healthy release. For the larger species 60-100lb is recommended. Wire bite leader can also be useful if you wish to target some of the monster Barracuda that are on offer here.

Gear Discount:

All of your gear for this hosted trip will be available at out store with a 15% discount. We know that not everybody will be fully prepared for an experience like this and may require a refresh on some of their gear. Due to this we are offering a discount for any gear purchased before the trip for those who have booked with us.

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