Unique Hair

Unique Hair Unique Hair has the following properties; shiny & translucent. A part of the defence mechanism for natural bait fish is the use of transparency to make the fish less visible. When schools of fish move in the water the school is visible one moment and when it turns it becomes almost invisible appart from a certain amount of reflectivity (shine). The sudden disappearance of the school helps to confuse the predator. Unique Hair is both transparent and shiny which provides the imitation with the same properties as the natural. Unique Hair is almost clear under epoxy. Unique Hair is 0.002 inches in diameter which is only half that of similar products such as Streamer hair, Super Hair and Ultra Hair. The finer diameter makes the fly more mobile but less visible than flies tied out of the thicker synthetic hair. Unique Hair has a crinkle that is a similar height and wavelength to the thicker hairs mentioned above. This provides Unique Hair with a residual stiffness that helps to support itself when used on flies that have longer tails such as Clouser minnows. It thus provides more resistance to hook fouling than does competetive products.

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Type: tail-and-winging-materials