Dyna-King Cement Reservoir

The Dyna-King Cement Reservoir is designed to give you a lifetime of service while preventing unnecessary evaporation and all but eliminating nasty spills. Machined of solid aluminium with a heavy duty base for stability to help prevent spills. Air tight seal. No caps to unscrew. To begin using the reservoir, rotate the bodkin applicator between your thumb and forefinger, thus breaking the seal between the o-ring and the reservoir cap. Giving the bodkin a slight twist will ease removal from the cap. Lightly press downward on the bodkin after use, to engage the reservoir seal. Cleaning instructions. From time to time it will be necessary to clean the reservoir by brushing thoroughly with acetone, or other thinner, to remove dried adhesive build up. After cleaning it is important that a coat of light grease, such as petroleum jelly, is applied to the two o-rings, as well as the cap threads and any other surfaces that come in contact with one another. This will greatly reduce cement adhesion between reservoir components. Dyna-King recommends using a water based head cement to prevent excessive o-ring corrosion.