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Ridge Tech 2.0 

Superflo Power Taper fly line – Olive 

The Airflo SuperFlo Ridge 2.0 Power Taper fly line does exactly what is says – puts the energy in the line to turn over any big fly or rig on even the fastest of rods.

Ridge 2.0 takes textured fly lines to the next level. The all-new ridge profile decreases friction in the rod guides, generates higher line speeds and minimises tangling – yet feels and sounds line a smooth line.

  • Overall length 90ft
  • Faster shooting
  • Increased line speed
  • Quiet line texture.


Unlike most of the industry’s PVC lines, Airflo lines are made of polyurethane, an inert, flexible material that won’t dry out or crack. Polyurethane makes for much more durable fly lines with far greater welded loops. It also doesn’t break down in UV rays, bug spray or sunscreen. At the end of the season, Airflo lines perform like new.

Available in 

  • WF5F – 155 grain weight
  • WF6F – 180 grain weight
  • WF7F – 205 grain weight
  • WF8F- 234 grain weight


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