Cortland GT/Tuna Fly Line


Targeting the biggest, baddest fish in the salt requires the right tool for the job. We designed our GT/Tuna line to hold up to the hardest pulling, fastest running fish in the tropics.

When targeting Giant Trevally or Tuna, it is important to capitalize on quick opportunities and trusting your line to hold up to extreme abuse. This is why we designed our GT/ Tuna line to feature a short 7’ compact body, with a 31’ extended rear taper for quick loading and carrying a lot of line in the air when the fish aren’t in close proximity. The short 3’ front taper effortlessly turns over a variety of fly patterns.

This line is built on a fifty-pound braid core for ultimate stopping power and features our grip set technology for strong, consistent hook sets without losing line control. Finished with our signature tropic plus coating for withstanding the hottest temperatures while still remaining slick, supple and fast shooting, this line consistently performs in tropic environments. The light blue and yellow color combination distinguishes taper change while remaining stealthy yet traceable out on the flats or offshore.

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