Dyna-King Replacement Jaws

These jaws are suitable for models, Barracuda, Barracuda Junior, Trekker, Indexers.

Dyna-King offers two types of Jaws, Standard and Midge Jaws.

All Dyna-King vises come with Standard Jaws installed, unless specified when ordering your vise.

-Standard Jaws have two grooves for hook placement as well as a serrated tip for holding smaller hooks. Large hooks should be held in the rear groove, medium hooks are best held in the groove closest to the Jaw tips. Smaller hooks should be held in the Jaw tips. Standard Jaws will accommodate hook sizes 24-8/0.

-Midge Jaws are serrated and without grooves. Midge jaws have a narrower tip and will hold hooks from 10 down to a size 32.

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