Lamson Hyperspeed M8


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There's no downside to high retrieve rate other than the extra weight. Imagine an 8 weight reel the diameter of a 12, envision gobbling up 14” of line per rotation. Now stop wondering and try to keep up with the Hyperspeed M8. Coming in at less than an ounce heavier than its Litespeed M8 counterpart, this radical design maximizes line pick up unlike any reel we have ever dreamed up. Every inch of the frame and spool has been meticulously CNC machined with even material distribution along critical load paths. Ensuring unrivalled strength, stability, and lightness despite its impressive size. So light you might forget it’s there, but commanding enough to demand attention.  Find a new gear with this reel that's primed to keep pace with even the fastest fish you can find.

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