Omnispool Switchbox

Color: Green

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The Omnispool Switchbox is the basis of the set up.

Quickspool — quick loading and unloading of reels; quick, easy line changes on the water; easy handling in conjunction with rod and reel. Load ’em up.

Travel — select the lines you need for each outing, clip them together and throw them in your gear bag – find them when you need them; robust but light; protection against salt and grit.

Stack — clip them together for simple organisation out in the field and when you get back to base; label your switchboxes for easy line identification. Sort them, stack them, store them.

Switchbox Features:

  • Compact octagonal design that fits neatly in one hand yet will accommodate almost all fly lines.

  • Sturdy but lightweight construction for durability, and you can still see what’s in them when they’re closed.

  • Smooth, non abrasive line aperture in lid.

  • Line guide in centre of spool for easy wind up and easy release on the way out (no clips, no slots).

  • Smooth revolution inside the box, designed to beat overwind.

  • One-touch removable box lid; the ‘box can be opened one-handed.

  • Spool can be clipped to the outside of the Switchbox for use externally: the second half of the shell acts as a stand for winding / unwinding. This in turn can be attached to further stacked Switchboxes for support. Or you can just hold it down with your foot.

  • Clip lock system enables boxes to be stacked together for travel or storage.

One (1) Switchbox cassette. These single line containers can click together for ease of storage.

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