Simms Flyweight Plier

  • Anodized aluminum body with stainless steel jaws and cutters
  • Unique ergonomic shape allows a variety of grips for anglers with hands of all sizes
  • Textured jaws for crushing barbs and split shot
  • Built in cutters for precision cuts of monofilament or fluorocarbon tippet
  • Holster designed to attach to HEXGRID®, MOLLE webbing, 38mm wading belts or wader suspender straps
  • Actual color may vary slightly from pictured, a result of the anodization process
  • The Flyweight Plier is manufactured in small batches in Bozeman, Montana and colour is applied by anodisation. Finished pliers may appear slightly different than image seen above due to slight variation in anodisation colour between batches.
  • DIMENSIONS: 5.75" x 2" x 3/8"

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