Whiting Soft Hackle with Chickabou

Subsurface flies which incorporate feathers can create some of the most attractive and effective fishing flies.  The Whiting Farms Soft Hackle with Chickabou pelt provides two distinct types of feathers for these exceptional subsurface flies, each with a multitude of applications.

Soft Hackle

The top portion of the pelt contains two panels of full web, matuka type, wet fly feathers.  The feathers on either panel are mirror images of one another, and so can be paired for balanced opposing sides of the fly.  These feathers, when used full, are ideal for matuka and sculpin flies.  They are also great for shorter tarpon and saltwater flies, and full feather bass and panfish flies.

Soft hackle feathers are also excellent in a wrapped application


The marabou like feathers at the narrow end of the pelt are what we named here at Whiting Farms Chickabou.  They are much finer and more delicate than traditional turkey marabou, which tends to be too large and coarse for many flies.  

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